Where do you operate?

Since we are your personal online assistant, we can take care of your property wherever you want.

So far we manage properties across Switzerland: Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux, Crans-Montana, Verbier, Gstaad, Berne, Zurich, Basel and more…

What if I don’t need all your services?

We can and will custom our services to your needs.

Can you create my Airbnb listing for me?

Of course! We will send you a representative in selected cities who will come visit your property accompanied by a professional photographer in order to get a detailed picture of the environment and its surroundings.

Our Services

Can I still approve each guest myself?

Yes you can! You get the final say on everything. We understand your home is your most precious space and we will do anything you ask to make you feel comfortable with renting it out. If you want us to contact you and let you approve each guest yourself, we will do so.

Keep in mind that this may causes longer response times for guests and may lead to fewer bookings. You may want us to accept or reject guests according to your screening criterias.

Can you take care of the cleaning for me?

Sure! We wont do the cleaning ourself as we are not a cleaning company but we do coordinate cleanings. We will handle booking and coordinate cleanings with a cleaning service of your choice. We recommend working with a cleaner that knows your needs and know you place so that everything is as you like it.

If you don’t have any cleaning services at your disposal we can recommend one in your area.

Can you take care of keys exchanges?

Since we are your personal distant assistant we never welcome your guests in person. That being said there are several options for key exchanges that we can manage.

Smart lock or lockbox, contact person, neighbor, friend, hotel, bar or a 3rd party service we will coordinate with them around guests arrival time and delays.


When do i pay?

You don’t pay us unless you get bookings and earn money.

What is the fee structure?

Our 7% fee is calculated on the total sum of the booking including the cleaning fee.

What is included in the fixed fee?

All of our management services are included in our fixed fee.
We do not include the creation of your listing on Airbnb.