It is recommended that you read the terms and conditions below carefully because they contain important information about your rights, remedies and obligations and include various limitations and exclusions.
Keys’n’Fly (hereinafter “Keys’n’Fly”, “we”, “us” or “our”) is an agent whose main role is to connect guests with rental housing and travelers looking for this type of accommodation for rent. Keys’n’Fly is responsible for the publication of ads on various sites national and international partners, this in order to promote and optimize your housing lease thereof. When you take out a mandate from Keys’n’Fly, you agree to comply with and to submit to these Terms. These Terms govern your rights, obligations and all the “Keys’n’Fly Content” (shown below, see keywords), and constitute a binding agreement between you and Keys’n’Fly. Please read these Terms carefully. If you do not agree with any or all of these conditions, you can not obtain information or to contract the services of Keys’n’Fly. If you stick to these Terms on behalf of a corporation or other legal entity, you represent and warrant that you have the right to submit such company or other legal entity to these Terms, in which case “you”, “your” and “your” will refer and apply to that company or other legal entity.
Keys’n’Fly services include, among others, writing ads (see keywords) for housing (see keywords) that passengers (see keywords) are able to check on sites third parties and third party applications to get information or book said housings. You understand and agree that Keys’n’Fly not be liable for any agreement between the Host / You and the traveler, and not act either as a broker, real estate agent or insurer. Responsibility for Keys’n’Fly can in no case be engaged both on the conduct of Hosts that travelers or any accommodation, and undertakes no responsibility in this regard.


“Keys’n’Fly Content” means any Content Keys’n’Fly published in third sites, third-party applications, or third-party services, including any Content owned by third parties.
“The Traveler” refers to any person seeking to book accommodation via third-party sites, third-party applications or third-party services, or a guest staying in a home and not the host / You said housing.
“Host / You” means a client who allows Keys’n’Fly under contractual mandate to publish its announcement through third party sites, third party or third party Services Applications.
“Announcement” means housing that is entrusted under contractual term by a Host / You can be rented through third party Sites, third party applications or third-party services.
“Customer” means a person who contracts with a term Keys’n’Fly.
“Tax” or “Taxes” means any tax on the sale, added tax (VAT), tax on goods and services (GST) and any other municipal tax, similar provincial or federal indirect holding assimilated, or tax individual income or corporate.
“Accommodation” means the property you want to rent. It can be a private bedroom, a shared room or dwelling in its entirety, a parking space, a box or other property that can be rented.
“Cleaning fee” means the fee, charged to the traveler, on cleaning the apartment the day of departure of the Voyageur.
“Rental” means the service offered by “Keys’n’Fly” (see under “What We Do for Keys’n’Fly”)


Keys’n’Fly is directed only to persons 18 years of age. Any mandate contracted by anyone under 18 or anyone deprived of his civic rights is of no value and will be broken with immediate effect by written notice (mail and / or email). By accepting the Terms of Keys’n’Fly, you represent and warrant that you have 18 years and be in full possession of your civil rights.

Operation of services of Keys’n’Fly

Keys’n’Fly services can be used for the publication of advertisements and the reservation of part or all of a property and other properties ( “Shelter”). Keys’n’Fly services can also be to proceed to the household in housing and the cleaning sheets. Keys’n’Fly works seamlessly. You can always check the ads even if you are not registered in third sites, third-party applications or third-party services. Keys’n’Fly publish your ads on sites with a technology adapted so that guests and hosts / You are put in touch and organize housing reservations. Keys’n’Fly does not own or manage property, including but not limited to B & Bs, motels, lodging or other accommodation; it is not a supplier of goods, including but not limited to B & Bs, motels, lodging or other accommodation and Keys’n’Fly does not have, does not sell, resell not, does not, and (or) does not control properties, including, but not limited to, B & Bs, motels, other accommodations, or housing, or transportation, or travel services or Parking space.
Keys’n’Fly’s responsibilities are limited to facilitate the location and act as a limited agent of each title Host / for you to accept payments from the guests on behalf of the Host / You .

Keys’n’Fly acted as an intermediary in the name and on behalf of the owner or tenant.

Properties listing

As an agent, you Keys’n’Fly will create one or more ads to induce and facilitate the location of your property. To this end, several questions will be asked about housing to rent out, including but not limited to, the location, capacity, size, characteristics, availability of housing, as well as its price on rules and financial conditions related to it. To perform this work, all units must have valid physical addresses. Announcements will be made public via one or more third sites, third party Application and Third Party Services. Travelers can book accommodations via third party sites, third party applications and third party services based on information published in your ad. You understand and agree that: when a passenger makes a reservation request in your home, the price of this reservation can not be changed. You acknowledge and agree to be responsible for any ad you submit mandated to Keys’n’Fly. Therefore, you represent and warrant that any ad you submit and that any reservation, or a stay of a traveler in a housing provided in an ad or in a publication you submitted to Keys’n’Fly not violate any agreement you signed with third parties and will comply with all applicable laws, tax requirements, rules and regulations that may apply to all housing included in an ad that you submitted, including but not limited to, zoning regulations and laws governing rental of residential or other goods and do not conflict with the rights of others. Keys’n’Fly disclaims any responsibility for the compliance of the Host / You vis-à-vis the applicable laws, rules and regulations. You understand and agree that Keys’n’Fly not act as an underwriter or as a contractor for you as Host, / you.
If a traveler asks to book your accommodation and stay in said housing, any agreement that you go directly to said traveler engages only you and said traveler, and Keys’n’Fly not constitute any part of such an agreement. Despite the above, Keys’n’Fly is as limited as to authorized representative of the Host / You for accepting, in particular, payments from the Voyageurs on behalf of the Host / You and is responsible for transmitting such payments to the Host / You.
When contacting Keys’n’Fly for a term, you can also choose to include certain requirements that must be met by travelers may ask to reserve your accommodation, including but not limited to, require that travelers have a publicly visible picture or a verified phone number to reserve your housing. Any traveler wishing to reserve housing cited in advertisements governed by such requirements must respect. Keys’n’Fly advises Breakfast / You take out insurance for homes they offer. Please read any insurance policy covers your home and make sure you know and understand all its exceptions, and frankly it contains, including, but not limited to, confirm that the policy in question covers or not the actions or inactions of your travelers (and those invited by your traveler in housing, if applicable) during their stay in your home.


Keys’n’Fly reserves the right to modify your ad to third party sites, third-party applications or third-party services at any time and without notice.
Lack of endorsement
To verify the identity of Keys’n’Fly Voyageur is based on information provided by third party sites but can in no way vouch for the accuracy of any information Voyageur.
With the exception of the Guarantee / deposit which is decided by the Host / You, Keys’n’Fly can not be held responsible for any damage or loss resulting from your interactions with the traveler. When you take out a mandate from Keys’n’Fly, you agree that any recourse or legal liability that you apply a result of actions or omissions of other passengers or third party is limited to a claim against the concerned travelers or third parties responsible for the injury suffered and you agree not to attempt to blame, or seek any legal recourse to Keys’n’Fly, regarding the acts or omissions mentioned above.

Reservations and financial conditions

If you’re a host and a booking your accommodation you are prompted through Keys’n’Fly, you will either confirm or reject the reservation within 24 hours of request otherwise the reservation request will be canceled. Keys’n’Fly disclaims any responsibility if the traveler cancels his application within 24 hours. When a reservation request is made through Keys’n’Fly, on request, we provide the following information about the Traveller: surname, name, length of stay and country of origin so that you may refer such information before confirming or denying accommodation booking within 24 hours.
When you confirm the reservation of a traveler, Keys’n’Fly send you an email with information about your Voyageur. Please note that this is Keys’n’Fly which, after consultation with the Host / You, determines the amount of rental housing. In addition to the rental housing prices are charged at Voyageur relative costs to be cleaned at the exit of the Voyageur. This money will return in full to Keys’n’Fly order to pay the costs of cleaning the apartment, provided Keys’n’Fly be mandated to clean the apartment.
The Traveler performs the following amounts: the rental rate, cleaning fee and if any, charges “extra passenger.” Keys’n’Fly will collect the entire transaction at the time of confirmation of booking and will pay the price of rental housing (less cleaning fee as long as the Host / You do not choose the option cleaning done by Keys’n’Fly) between 10 to 20 days after the traveler output time (except to the extent that a refund is due to the traveler).
Keys’n’Fly designation as Paying Agent for the Host / You
The Host / You hereby designates Keys’n’Fly as agent Limited under Host / You sole purpose of collecting payments from passengers on behalf of the Host / You. The Host / You agree that the payment made by a traveler Keys’n’Fly be considered the same as a payment made directly to the Host / You and the Host / will put housing available to the traveler in the same way as that provided if the Host / you himself received payment of rental housing. The Host / You agree that Keys’n’Fly has the possibility, according to the chosen cancellation policy in the Host / You and reported within the relevant ads, allowing the traveler to cancel the reservation and refund the traveler from the rental of housing price specified in the applicable cancellation policy. By agreeing to be designated as limited as to authorized officer of the Host / You, Keys’n’Fly is in no way responsible for the acts or omissions of the Host / You.

Security Deposits

Hosts / You can choose to include margin deposits in their ads ( “Deposits”). Each ad will mention the possible need for a deposit for the property concerned. If a deposit is included in an ad for a confirmed reservation Keys’n’Fly, as agent for payment of the Host / You, will endeavor to obtain a pre-authorization of payment traveler’s credit card for the amount required by the Host / You like deposit, within a reasonable time before the arrival of the traveler in the housing of said host / You. Keys’n’Fly also will strive to communicate the requirements of the Host / You on deposit but will not be responsible for the administration or the acceptance of any claim to the Host / You on deposits, and disclaims any liability in this regard.
Financial conditions / Commission, management and cancellation charges
For the services provided, Keys’n’Fly receives a fixed commission.
When you register, you will be charged a single application fee of CHF 45.-for opening and creating the folder.
The fixed commission corresponds to the fees charged by Keys’n’Fly the Host / You.
To apply, Keys’n’Fly takes the total amount of rental (additional guest fees and cleaning fee), deduces 7% (and VAT is applicable to deduct) the total amount the réservcation and deducts transaction fees other sites 3% (and VAT is applicable to deduce).
The Commission fixed and contingent Fees charged to the Host / You are deducted from the rental price of housing before they are paid to the Host / You. The balances will be presented by the Host Keys’n’Fly / You by direct bank transfer (and in any other way), in the currency chosen by the Host / You.
of the fixed commission services are:
Photos: Housing improvements, decorating tips, taking photos of the accommodation
Price: Proposition of rent to apply to night depending on market prices
Editorial-Publishing: Writing the ad, posted to our partner-site
Key Coordination: We coordinerons the key according to the strategy of your choice
Coordination of the maid: We coordinerons the maid service you have chosen to exit the Voyageur
Communication: We’ll handle the communication with the Voyageur
Coordination: Keys’n’Fly agrees to coordinate the inputs and outputs as well as cleaning of end of lease

Management fees

Management fees cover the fees charged to the Host / You on the basis of a percentage of the amount of rental housing. They are fixed according to the chosen services. Keys’n’Fly undertakes, within a maximum period of 48 hours after the visit of housing, establish a management offers the Host / You.

Cleaning fee

If the Host / You wish to occupy and manage the household, Keys’n’Fly takes the total rental amount (cleaning fee and additional passenger included), deduces transaction fees of 3% third party sites and deduces his commission. household expenses, estimated by Keys’n’Fly and paid by the Host, remain the property of the Host / You.
The balance will be provided by the Keys’n’Fly Breakfast / You by direct bank transfer (and in any other way) in the currency chosen by the Host / You. Please note that Keys’n’Fly may deduct a fee for processing foreign currency payments collected on sites partners currencies other than Swiss francs. Unless otherwise stated herein, the Commission is not refundable. If the traveler wishes to cancel a reservation made through third-party sites, and third or third-Services Application before or after arriving on the scene of the housing, the cancellation policy Host / You mentioned in the announcement will apply to such cancellation. The ability to Keys’n’Fly to pay the rental housing prices and other amounts that you were charged is subject to the conditions of the applicable cancellation policy. Commission Keys’n’Fly will be calculated on the same initial amount and can not be inferred from the fact of the cancellation of the Voyageur. If the Host / You wish to cancel a reservation made through third-party sites, and third or third-Services Application before or after the arrival of the Traveler on the premises housing, Keys’n’Fly ask Host / You participation up to the amount of the commission.

Taxes & Local Regulation

You understand and agree to assume sole responsibility for the calculation of taxes incurred by you in consultation with your tax adviser. Keys’n’Fly is not competent and do not offer tax consultancy to its agents. Also, please note that it is for each Host / You calculate indirect Local taxes include any tax applicable or an obligation relating to applicable taxes in the rental price of the ad. It is therefore the duty of the Host / You Keys’n’Fly announce to the application or not of such taxes. Keys’n’Fly will undertake to collect such taxes and remit them to the Host / You who takes responsibility to pay them to the relevant authorities except for VAT, that Keys’n’Fly deduct from the amount invoiced Voyageur and donate to VAT.

You are solely responsible for compliance with any and all laws, rules, regulations, and Tax obligations that may apply to your city.


Damage to housing

The Traveller is obliged to return the property in the condition he found on his arrival. He acknowledges and agrees to be, as a traveler, responsible for its acts and omissions and take responsibility for the acts of any person calls, or which gives access to housing. If a Host / You would make a complaint and provide proof of damages, including but not limited to photographs, the Traveler is obliged to refund or replace damaged items with equivalent items, given the ‘seniority status of the damaged property. Travelers and Host / You agree to cooperate with Keys’n’Fly in good faith to provide the required information and Keys’n’Fly meet reasonable requests Keys’n’Fly, regarding any complaint or representation made by the Host / You for housing, any personal property or else contained in housing (including, without limitation, payment requests made under the warranty of ‘Host / You). In a damage, the Host / You have a period of 24 hours after the departure time specified in the contract for any damage to announce Keys’n’Fly this to allow time (24 hours) Keys’n’Fly to file a formal complaint with third Party Sites, third-party applications. Keys’n’Fly then will link Third Party Sites and Host / You for compensation but can not be held responsible if the outcome of this complaint is not favorable to the Host / You. If 24 hours is exceeded, no claim will be accepted.

Disclaimer of Liability

If you choose to use the services of Keys’n’Fly, you do so at your own risk, you acknowledge and agree that Keys’n’Fly is not obliged to check the background of any customer, including but not limited to, the Voyageurs. No notice or information, whether oral or written, obtained from Keys’n’Fly or client content, constitutes a guarantee other than as expressly stated herein. You are aware that Keys’n’Fly makes no representation or warranty regarding the conduct of Voyageurs. You agree to take reasonable precautions when you greet the traveler at home, specifically in the event that you decide to meet you in person, that this meeting or not organized by Keys’n’Fly. Notwithstanding the appointment of Keys’n’Fly as a limited agent of Rooms / You for accepting traveler payments on behalf of the Host / You. Keys’n’Fly explicitly rejects any liability for any act or omission of a Host / You to one of the travelers or any third parties.


You agree to release, defend, indemnify and hold Keys’n’Fly, its affiliates and subsidiaries, and its officers, directors, employees and agents from any liability for any claims, liabilities, damages, losses and expenses, including without limitation, legal and accounting fees, arising from or relating in any way to the agency agreement, or your violation of these Terms; your Customer Content; your interaction with all travelers, booking accommodation, creating an Ad or use or rental of housing, including without limitation, any injury, loss or damages (compensatory, direct, incidental, consequential or otherwise) of any kind related to or resulting from rental, a book or use a home.

Report inappropriate conduct

If hosting with you anyone who you see inappropriate behavior, including but not limited to, any person with violent behavior verbally or physically inappropriate, that you stole, or which causes disturbances in any way whether you should immediately report it to the competent authorities and to Keys’n’Fly, sending the phone number of your local police station and the police report number to info @ KeysnFly, com provided that your report does we not require to take measures other than those provided by law (if any) or do not follow us in any liability to you.

Complete contract

These Terms constitute the entire understanding and agreement between Keys’n’Fly and Host / You on the mandate contract, customer content and ad bookings or accommodation made through sites third, third party applications or third-party services; these Conditions supersede any other agreement or contract between you and Keys’n’Fly, about reservations, accommodation listings, customer content and all services offered by Keys’n’Fly.


You can not assign or transfer these Terms, through a legal process or otherwise, without the prior written consent of Keys’n’Fly. Any attempt by you to assign or transfer these Terms without prior consent will be null and void. Keys’n’Fly may assign or transfer these Terms at its sole discretion and without restriction. Subject to the foregoing provisions, the Terms will be binding and apply to parties, their successors and assigns.

Contract duration and exclusivity

Date of contract takes effect is that of sending the registration form. There is no time and no notice period. If the Host / You would like to cancel the contract, it suffices for the Host / You Keys’n’Fly to send an email or a letter indicating the date by which the Host / You want to cancel.
By signing this contract, the Host / You agrees to grant to Keys’n’Fly exclusive rental through third parties sites, third party applications or third-party services as defined below.
third party websites, third party application, Third Party Services
For a third party sites list, please contact us.

Terms and conditions

That does not make Keys’n’Fly execute any right or provision hereof shall not constitute a waiver to enforce such right or provision in the future. The renunciation of such right or provision will be effective only if agreed in writing by an authorized representative of Keys’n’Fly. Unless the express provisions hereof, the exercise by either party of its remedies hereunder shall not prejudice its ability to exercise other remedies under these or other securities. If for any reason an arbitrator or a court of competent jurisdiction considers any provision of these Terms be invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be enforced to the limits defined by the legislation, and the other provisions of these Terms remain in effect .
Keys’n’Fly contact for any questions regarding the Terms.


Keys’n’Fly offers a sponsorship program. For every new customer you will route to Keys’n’Fly you will receive the sum of CHF 100, provided that the new customer you will present us sign an agency contract and rents his room at least 15 nights. Therefore you are entitled to receive a sponsorship award. For eligible accepted sponsorship, sponsorship of awards that are granted will be paid in the next monthly statement brought the client.
Keys’n’Fly contact for any questions regarding the Terms.